Deanza Brennen

Deanza Brennen

Director of Human Resources

Deanza Brennen is a certified International Human Resources Professional with a bachelor’s in business administration who has been in Human Resources for 9 years. His background encompasses the hospitality, banking, and healthcare sectors as he continues to strive for excellence and consistency throughout his career.

Deanza’s experience spans most of the key functional areas in Human Resources, including Recruitment, Compensation and Benefits, and Employee Relations. In fact, he served as a Compensation and Benefits Specialist at Commonwealth Bank and Central Bank where he managed payroll, health insurance and pension benefits. Deanza strongly believes in teamwork and being impactful in every organization he joins and looks to add value in his current role.

He plans on achieving his master’s degree in business administration by 2024 as education and experience has played a vital role in his climb to success. Overall, he enjoys spending time with his family and looks forward to progressing Human Resources in the country.

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