SBDC's Guaranteed Loan Programme: empowering entrepreneurs, fueling dreams

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Renzo Da Silva
October 20, 2023

The Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) is more than just an institution, it's a beacon for entrepreneurial aspirations. Through its flagship Guaranteed Loan Programme (GLP), the SBDC aims to nurture and fortify the entrepreneurial ecosystem, granting startup and existing MSMEs unparalleled access to grant, loan, and equity funding.

This month marks the inception of a vibrant social media campaign dedicated to:

Elevating the public's awareness of the Guaranteed Loan Programme;

Demystifying the eligibility criteria and application processes;

Championing MSMEs with groundbreaking solutions, from inception to realization;

Emphasizing the program's geographical diversity, particularly through family island endorsements;

Celebrating existing financial institutions (FIs) and broadening the SBDC's collaboration horizons.

By spotlighting real businesses and genuine success stories, the SBDC reiterates its authenticity and dedication. As businesses are greenlighted under the GLP, their stories become a testament to the program's impact.

This release celebrates the initial roster of businesses that have been featured in the GLP campaign.

Pancakes, Omelets & Waffles (POW!): Founded by Xavia Higgs-Rolle, POW! evolved from a pop-up business in 2017, targeting the food-deficient regions of eastern New Providence. The enterprise will soon be gracing the One East Plaza with a wholesome and nutritious menu. Funding acquired: $165,000 through Fidelity Bank.

Crystal Cleaning Company: A local cleaning product magnate founded by Chemical Engineering aficionado, Eugene Beckford. Having undergone rebranding, the company's new manufacturing plant promises greater product yield. Funding acquired: $60,000 through Fidelity Bank.

MATLD Fishing Company: This Mangrove Cay, Andros-based startup is the brainchild of the Bannister siblings. Lashan Bannister's leadership in this male-predominated sector distinguishes the venture. Funding acquired: $320,000 through Fidelity Bank.

Sign Island: A subsidiary of the Island Network Group, this marketing powerhouse was conceptualized by Nkosi Symonette in 2017. Catering to an array of brands, they specialize in brand identity, creation, and promotion. Funding acquired: $420,000 through Fidelity Bank.

J & M Islands Shop: A renowned name in the real estate realm of North Eleuthera, this enterprise has expanded its horizons, thanks to the SBDC's support. Funding acquired: $250,000 through Fidelity Bank.

The SBDC invites entrepreneurs to follow their social media platforms, where they can witness, week-by-week, the transformative journeys of these business endeavors. Updates and further business spotlights will be made available in the upcoming months.

For more details on the SBDC's Guaranteed Loan Programme and to explore collaboration avenues, contact the SBDC today at 242-461-SBDC or funding@

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