Why an Authentic Culture is so Important in Business Creation

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Quinn Russell
September 10, 2020

Creating a business in this era is so brave, there are so many what ifʼs we have never faced before. Despite the shutdowns, lockdowns, downturns, and the like, many new ventures are popping up, meeting the demands of a new normal. This is innovation alive, moving and adapting to the challenges we are all facing. When difficulties in the market arise, itʼs an open opportunity for those who see beyond the challenges. What is important in this season for new and even existing businesses is to create and solidify a core culture around their enterprise. Culture is so important to brand loyalty, growth and expansion, staff unity, and consumer identity. To establish an easily identifiable culture, businesses must define through consistent storytelling: who you are, why you matter, and how you positively affect people.

Who You Are
If you are a small or large business, utilize the story of who you are, your life experiences, education, training, family history, and anything that tells the story of who you are. If you shy away from sharing your personal story, you can even create a fictional character narrative that represents your brand ideals. Get creative and personify what your business stands for. Create a character/ mascot that exemplifies excellence in whatever industry you are in. For example, as a co-founder of Louis & Steenʼs New Orleans Coffeehouse, we utilized our Grandparents true-life story as our brand identity. They were born in New Orleans and lived out their lives throughout the state of Louisiana and the American South. Louisiana is a melting pot of African, Caribbean, French, Spanish, and American cultures. There is so much richness in their stories, the history of Louisiana, and its affiliated countries, allowing us to create endless food & beverage products, experiences, brands, and more. It is important to be as authentic as possible, so do your research, and invest in training.

Why You Matter
Culture is expansive. Expound on the macro and micro details in your marketing, branding, provided services, aesthetics, and more. For further reference to Louis & Steenʼs, we are the first and only Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) member of the Bahamas. SCA is the highest-ranking authority on Specialty Coffee standards, training, science, philosophy, and culture. Within SCA, there is a rich artisan craft culture driven by passionate entrepreneurs creating beautiful and cutting edge businesses. We brought that specialized world to the Bahamas. Itʼs a lifestyle, but itʼs also one of intense rigour, constant education, and refined skill. So relay your culture through emotive applications, but also showcase your expertise. In essence, brand yourself as an authority within your industry.

How It Affects People
Not all business cultures are created equal. Make sure
when establishing a storyline on who you are and what you represent, thereʼs a balance between broad and niche markets. If you aim for a capture all, you may spread yourself too thin as a start-up. If you are too specific, there may not be enough customers. Find that sweet spot that represents an engaged and passionate demographic. Create a culture that makes people happy; empower people in whatever services you provide. Let them leave happier than they were before coming into contact with you. Add value to their everyday experience. If your business can positively heighten their senses through your services, youʼve impacted their memory. Repeat this formula with consistency and soon you will have a community who believes in and supports whatever you do.

So get going and create an amazing world that represents who you are and what you love doing! Services and products are your paths to profit. Utilize social media content creation to express their culture. Videos, for instance, are far more immersive than static photographic posts. Create Facebook, Instagram, and blog posts that incorporate informative and expressive videos. Add music to your videos to create a sense of feeling. Make sure to build a consistent youtube channel, it can take your business well beyond wherever you live! There are so many outlets to celebrate your culture, social media is just one path. Create that sense of wonder and belonging in all you do, and you are well on your way to establishing a memorable brand.

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